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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  February 21, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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arrived on the scene to transport that victim to shock trauma. other people were hurt but not seriously injured. expect this area to be shut down for another two hours. >> tonight's big story, the fallout in the case of the doctor accused of secretly report -- recording his patients. >> lowell melser error has been talking with some of the victims. he is live at city police headquarters with the latest. i would imagine these women are stunned over what has happened to we >> they certainly are, and very upset. city police tell us that more than 300 people now have contacted them about dr. levy. we are hearing from more victims who tell me what is so hurtful
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about all this is that they were betrayed by someone that they thought was a good doctor. >> if i would speak with him, i would say, how could you? you are a doctor. you are supposed to help people. >> or jessica wims and hundreds of other patients of hopkins gynecologist dr. mickey levy, the past week has rider a whirlwind of emotions. >> how you try someone in that type of position with your body, with your life? for 11 years, and not honestly know who they are. >> according to sources close to the case, dr. levy suffocated himself after wrapping a plastic bag around his head in filling it with helium. police say he left a note near where his body was found in his baltimore county home. 10 days prior, hoch inspired him
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for inappropriately photographic and video taping -- hawkins fired him for videotaping his patients. the images and videos were stored on more than a half-dozen servers. >> it is shocking to think that anything like this is happening. >> this former patient, who did not want her identity known, had been seeing dr. levy for more than 20 years and says he played a major role in saving her her sister's life. >> he diagnosed her with cancer and did the surgery. she is having a tough time with it because that is all she could think about, is how much he saved her life. >> she said she has been getting counselling, but worries that the pain and trust issues will never go away. >> this is going to bother a lot of people for a long time.
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>> city police tell us they continue to work around the clock with federal investigators on this case, one that they say will take months before a investigation is complete, because there is so much evidence they have to go through. lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the inner loop of the beltway's back open at this hour after being closed for much of the day because of the deadly accident early this morning. investigators say around 5:30 this morning the driver of a crown victoria pulled over to change a flat tire. authorities say tractor-trailer veered off the road, hitting a parked car and killing the driver. 01-year-old car was ejected from the car along with the 17-year- old girl who was also inside the car. a very busy day in elkin's work crews worked to clean up a csx
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train that derailed over night. skyteam 11 was over the scene this morning. cecil county firefighters were called to the scene just after 11:30 last night where they say 10 cars came off the track, one of which contain sulfuric acid. no injuries were reported. >> it has been more than five years since we first told you about a shocking case of elder abuse by and at home caretaker that was all caught on videotape. the caretaker pleaded guilty today in court after a long extradition battle. >> after more than half a decade the fight -- she finally has something she has not had in years. >> peace of mind. very happy, a day to rejoice. taylor hired anastasia oluoch to
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care for her 90-year-old father at home. but it's from security cameras installed and home led to her arrest. prosecutors say having a video helped with what could have been could havewin in court. >> to have video is extremely helpful. >> what appeared to be a slam- dunk case turned into an international problem for prosecutors. oluoch fled back to her native kenya before she could stand trial. it took five years for police to track her down. >> when you are fighting for someone you love like a parent or anyone, it keeps going, even if it takes teen years. >> taylor said she would like to have seen a longer sentence, but she is satisfied with the outcome. >> that they had given her two years, i would of been at peace. i pray that the six years feels
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like 50. my dad is excited right now, like i am. >> sarah tells us because oluoch is not a u.s. citizen, a detective said she will be deported as soon as she finishes serving out her sentence. >> one of the jurors behind a guilty verdict in the phylicia barnes case is talking about what went on behind the scenes the first -- for the first time. the most influential piece of evidence came from michael johnson's own mouth. the recorded conversations between johnson and his family members. the juror said johnson did not show remorse and never claimed he was innocent, and that was a major deal breaker. [indiscernible] he was on air with these
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conversations saying the things he said and with that attitude. >> johnson was convicted of second-degree murder in the death of the 16-year-old from north carolina. a crucial vote is expected in annapolis this evening on too emotionally charged issues. the fate of a bill to repeal the death penalty and that gun- control legislation are in the hands of the senate. david collins joins us live from annapolis. is a big night there. >> they are discussing the repeal bill right now, with the swing vote now in favor of abolishing the death penalty. it is expected to pass the committee by a 6-5 vote, but in the words of the chairman of the committee, anything is possible. baltimore county democrat senator is still conflicted. after years -- he now supports
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repealing the death penalty. >> how difficult a decision has this been for you? >> agonizing. the hardest decision i think i have ever had to make down there. >> the committee will bring the measure to the senate floor. it is in a sense and evolution. he was the architect of a bill limiting the circumstances for which capital punishment could be carried out. >> in our state, i just don't think it is fixable. there is no role in the legislature, the executive branch, there is no will to fix this thing. i am not sure how you could do it, anyway. >> there has been a de facto moratorium on the death penalty since the 2006 high court ruling that the state did not properly develop protocols to carry it out. the state is not enforcing the death penalty now. why have an ordinance? >> why take it off?
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i believe there are certain crimes that are so heinous that people deserve the death penalty. >> advocates included the clergy. >> you don't create closure for the victims. you don't really create a more crime free society by taking life. >> in addition to repeal, the bill directs the governor could we do to put a half-million dollars a year into a fund for crime victims. some argue that turns the measure into an appropriations bill. senate president mike miller wants to put the crime victims addendum in a second bill. >> it is a very important issue. >> the vote may not come quickly. they have 12 proposed amendments to the bill and that will not take a vote until those are put in. the senate chairman says be
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prepared to stay here until midnight. we are just now hearing he may alter that plan and take it up tomorrow. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> also from annapolis, the house is determined that pitbull are not an inherently dangerous breed. the measure was passed this morning. last year the state's highest court ruled pitbull owners a landlords would be held to a strict liability standards for dog bites without any previous evidence that a dog was dangerous. this increases protections for dog bite victims, presuming all dog owners are presumed liable for the attacks. >> sunshine today but little on the chilly side as we struggle to get the temperatures above the big 30 in most areas. it will cool off quickly early tonight.
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temperatures drop back to near freezing in many areas of our region. that could cause some problems as the next weather system approaches from the southwest. a big batch of snow, sleet, and freezing rain over the midwest. tomorrow afternoon, a mesquite wintry mix comes in and may slow down the friday afternoon rush hour. >> state lottery officials have found their winter. a 48-year-old woman from mount airy is now $56 million richer after winning the mega millions lottery tuesday night. the lucky winner chose to be anonymous but she bought the ticket at a shell station on lakeview drive. the last price was more than $200 million. a woman tells officials she was joking with her fiance that they would wake up millionaires. she plans to build a beach
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house, the first time anyone in her family will own a home. >> state officials unveil a surprising report. >> under fire from questionable practices when it comes to attracting students. >> of late night house fire to just 30 minutes to get under control, but not before a deadly turn of events. >> schoolteachers complain about their jobs. the results
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lacks the terrible tragedy overnight in prince george's county. a late-night fire killed three people, two of them children. it happened around 4:00 this morning. firefighters pulled the man and three young girls from a home of leslie avenue. emergency responders were able to resuscitate one of the children. she is now in an area hospital. there is no word there -- there is no word on a cause. >> schoolteachers play a major role in helping a child learn, but more of them say they are no longer satisfied with their jobs. >> that is according to a survey put out by the insurance giant met life. tim tooten is live with that
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story in the newsroom. i have to sisters who are teachers, so that story does not shock me. >> the survey paints a rather dismal picture of stressed out teachers being forced to take on even more responsibility. >> you are going to take a look at the question. >> is a profession that marks the responsibility and long hours. just 39% of teachers say they are very satisfied with their jobs. that is down 23 points from a few years ago. more than half of those surveyed report feeling under stress several days a week. >> it is real. we are doing all we can do with what we have. more and more is being handed to us. we are seeing more and more students and taking in passing
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the ap, but it is never enough. >> 61 sent -- 61% work in buildings where the budget has been cut. >> i think there is a frustration over teaching in having to do more with less. i have been asked to cut three teachers in my department. the student population is not reducing so that means you are teaching more students per class. >> we do need support. there is no way we can do an outstanding job without any support. we don't have budget support. legislators are cutting left and right. >> the head of the teachers association of baltimore can assess for some it sends a mixed message. >> on one hand they are told that they are the future, we have all of these students to improve and are the answer to what the problems are, and on
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the other hand we are told we are not doing a good enough job. >> the level of frustration is not only among teachers. they are in the same situation with no satisfaction on the job. we have a copy of that survey on our website, click on education alert. >> about a year after the unexplained resignation of the chancellor of the university of maryland university college, a scathing report about what was going on behind closed doors. archer said the online college made more than $3 million of potential overpayments to contractors. an in-depth examination look at spending between july 2007 and march 2009 on an internet advertising contract. the vendor was placing ads on websites to generate student leaves to attract students but the audit said the school never
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verified those leads. they say they no longer use that marketing technique. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> on this 21st day of february, temperatures are colder than normal. a chilly morning and not a very warm afternoon, especially when compared to the averages of this day. we only had 38 for the high and started the morning at 23 degrees. the records are way out of reach. the high temperature record was 74. the skies will stay mostly clear through the early evening, allowing chilly afternoon temperatures. it is already 23 -- we will be in the low 20's in the northern suburbs around the pennsylvania line. we will see some cloud cover arriving late tonight and head of the next farm system, which will be here tomorrow afternoon. things will change rapidly.
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the next weather system coming our way is the same one that produced snow in phoenix and tucson yesterday. it has been rolling up through the southern plains now and you can see that band of cloudiness associated with a well-developed storm. heavy rain clouds and thundered down around the gulf coast. snow in parts of kansas and nebraska is now pushing in toward the chicago area at 28. the national weather service has issued winter weather advisories as close as eric county, western pennsylvania, and then it turns to winter storm warnings right in the middle of the country. all that messy winter weather is coming our way. you can see the leading edge of the precipitation has crossed the mississippi, pushing up into the ohio valley. snow moving up into parts of iowa and then it changes to a steady rain in parts of kentucky and tennessee. that wintry mix is going to be moving in here, probably as
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early as tomorrow afternoon. no problems right now that we can see for the morning rush- hour, just cloudy and cold. it will be shortly after lunch time when the first precipitation starts to break out. we have to start making plans for perhaps some slippery conditions tomorrow afternoon and maybe even during rush hour. it continues into the evening rush-hour and finally changes over to just brain as temperatures warmer a little bit tomorrow night. the storm pulls off the coast saturday afternoon and we will some clearing for the second half of the weekend. sunday looks like the best day of the weekend as far as being outside. 33-38 tomorrow. we could pick up an inch or so of snow by the friday evening rush hour with high temperatures only in the mid-30's. waves of around 1 foot. western maryland will get a wintry mix out there as well. snow, sleet, and some freezing rain possible in garrett county
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tomorrow as icy conditions may develop there. then it will change back over to a rain-nomex on saturday. -- a rain-snow mixed. down at decosta looks like all rain beginning tomorrow late in the afternoon and continuing -- down at the coast. an afternoon mix of icy conditions, 41 degrees with showers tapering off saturday. a little bit milder sunday. >> he is 8 feet 2 inches tall. he can dance, roller stake, and even write a unicycle. >> now big bird is devoting his talents to someone else. he is side-by-side with the first lady. >> the anne arundel county council is set to take a big vote tonight. we will explain a little bit later at 6:00. >> kids and paint go hand in
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hand. in downtown westminster, it is doin
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s some sad news from the motown alumni association. damon harris has passed away at the age of 62. he was being treated at johns hopkins hospital for prostate cancer but his official cause of death has not been released. since then harris form his own band and came out with a number of records over the years. he has been working with the prostate cancer foundation to raise awareness of the disease. >> here is a question for all of you guys in the studio. do men just run out of words? there may be a medical explanation why most women enjoy talking more than men do. scientist at the university of maryland discovered high levels
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of protein in the brains of women and they say that protein controls language and vocalization. an examination of 4-year-old and 5-year-old children revealed 30% more of the protein in girls. first lady michelle obama is teaming up with sesame street's big bird to help spread the word to kids about eating healthy in staying active. it is part of that third anniversary celebration of the let's move campaign. >> we are here in the white house kitchen looking for a healthy snack. >> i bet you could get everything you want in this kitchen. >> i like healthy, colorful snacks, like to see fruits and crunchy vegetables. >> ads like that will air on net that works nationwide.
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>> new information in the oscars story a shooting case but this time it is not about pistorius himself. >> the ravens announce plans for making your trip to m&t bank stadium more enjoyable. stadium more enjoyable.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m., with stan stovall and donna hamilton, chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer,
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and skyteam 11, covering breaking news where you live. >> welcome back, everybody. for most people, m&t bank stadium is one of the most beautiful stadiums. >> can you take something that is already good and make it better? a first look at how the reagan say yes, we can. >> over the last decade, the ravens have realized the experience must continue to improve. a man cave with a 60-inch flat screen? but $35 million renovation that is announced to keep up with staying at home. stores will be expanded in streamlined. the concession stand will feature open kitchens with
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varied menu. thing you will not get it home. m&t bank stadium is now 15 years old and remains one of the best home field advantage as. >> we are competing against the home viewing experience, so we have to do everything we can to improve the game day experience. we have done that by introducing high-definition video to the stadium, kirk -- early revamping the club area. you come inside our stadium on the lower concourse and it looks like you are in a different world. we are trying to bring the outside into the interior of the building. >> it makes it look a little more like camden yards. the hardware and software is custom-made.
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it is an innovative approach the ravens couple keep you happy and in your seat at m&t bank stadium. >> especially since it is going to cost you a little bit more. here is a look at some of our other top stories at this hour. candidates vying for that seat of former account executive john leopold will make their wishes known. they have five minutes each to explain why they deserve the top job. that will be followed by questions from the council and then a round of votes. the event is open to the public and we will be there to monitor all the developments. we will bring you the latest tonight at 11:00. the details in the case of dr. wikileaks. within 300 people have -- dr. nikita levy. he took his own life by suffocating himself with a
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plastic bag after filling it with helium. lawyers around the city are always rejigger already mounting cases against johns hopkins. -- lawyers are already mounting cases against john hopkins. breaking news we told you about at the top of the hour. route 23 shut down in harford county between route 24 and high point road after a multi vehicle crash involving a horse trailer. it happened around 3:30 this afternoon and involved a total of three vehicles, one of them a 3,000 gallon tanker vehicle. one person has been flown to shock trauma for injuries. >> the lead investigator in the oscar pistorius shooting is off the case. he is facing attempted murder charges himself over a shooting back in 2011. the latest from south africa.
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>> a battle between two very good attorneys. the defense blasted the prosecution case of how police collected investigation collected information. >> there is nothing embarrassing for us. because that is the judgment that you are taking. >> that it was the prosecutors term to blowholes in the story of what happened that night. they said even if you believe it, it is still a preplanned murder. pistorius it said he woke up it saidreeva is next to him in bed. he would have to wall by her three times. he said if it is a burglary, are you not going to least look at her and try to wake her?
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he said that pistorius is prone to violence and is bound to be convicted. we can expect a decision tomorrow. >> deadly shootings along the las vegas strip. sound like an action film. >> but it was reality today in san city. more on that when we cover the nation. >> kendel ehrlich could return to politics after a vote tonight in anne arundel county. we will explain tonight at 6:
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heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, >> olympic legend michael phelps did take a few swings at the orioles' training facility in florida. he just happen to be in the neighborhood as he continues to promote his new show on the golf channel. he is trading in his gold temporarily for a little bit of orange. he is wearing the no. 18 for the number of medals he has won.
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he traveled to new england and new orleans for the ravens super bowl run. >> breaking news right now. let's send it up to captain roy taylor. >> we are between park heights roads than garrison forest with and avicennaccident. the road a shutdown in both directions. county police are in the process of detouring traffic. i am captain roy taylor. >> an early morning shootout on the las vegas strip least three people dead and several others injured. just before 4:30 this morning police say an altercation took place along sat -- in a hotel alongside the shrestrip.
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they fired guns across a busy street. some innocent bystanders got caught up in it. >> the maserati traveled through what we believe was a red light at a high rate of speed, striking several vehicles. one of those vehicles was a local cab that also caught on fire as a result of the impact. the driver of that cap and a passenger were killed, along with the driver of the mod roddick. police are still searching for suspects in a range rover. >> a bazaar fire burned a young patient earlier this month. it is reported the 12-year-old was injured when an sanitizer combined with olive oil was united by static electricity. she was wiping a bedside table with hand sanitizer.
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hershberg had some olive oil on it, and according to investigators, it acted like a candlewick that was ignited by static electricity. she has a long recovery ahead. >> still ahead, something fishy may be going on with the sushi you have been buying in restaurants and grocery stores. >> some products are being falsely label. how to make sure you are getting what you paid for, in consumer alert. >> high winds, heavy snow, and a lot of ice. we will have more on the storm crippling the midwest, coming up. that midwe
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dax here's a look and what we are looking at -- working on for lebanese it 6:00. the anne arundel county council will vote to replace john leopold at some point tonight. victims of a secret crime are speaking out. 11 news is talking to patients of dr. nikita levy about being photographed during
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>> snow, ice, when, even some thunder and lightning. folks in the midwest have seen pretty much all of it today as the winter storm passes through. >> it could dump as much as 2 feet of snow in some areas. jay gray is in one of the hardest-hit areas, kansas city,
5:45 pm
missouri. >> a state of emergency right now here in missouri and in neighboring kansas where the snow has been falling for hours, and will likely continue well into the night. strong winds continued to push snow sideways at times across the midwest. >> you just have to hope for the wesbest and prepare for the wor. >> 2 inches of snow an hour, and accumulations that a climb well over a foot. especially on the roads. in some places the conditions were even too tough for the plows. in kansas, parts of i-70 have been shut down because of the weather. postal workers honored their legendary motto. snowe did not stop afternoon deliveries. it was a much different
5:46 pm
situation at airports across the region. >> when i first walked in i saw the line and said this cannot be good. >> there were hundreds of canceled flights, planes and able to get in the air. staying on the air was a challenge for local television stations. more evidence of the brutal conditions that are now crippling the middle of the country and taking aim at the east coast. >> if our models hold together, this storm could don't quite a bit of snow in new england into this weekend. >> this storm has already affected more than 30 million people across 20 states. it looks like the snow totals are expected to grow. >> jay gray is living large out there. >> he is living cold is what he
5:47 pm
is doing. a storm system hit phoenix. >> it is rolling through the midwest now, heading to the mid- atlantic. right now i would plan on adding some extra time to your friday evening rush hour. we are going to get some of the effects as that system rolls then. eight degrees below the average for the day and a morning low was pretty cold at 23 degrees. that was 5 degrees colder than the average for this time of year. the next system coming in has the potential to produce some wintry conditions. 40 right now at the inner harbor in downtown baltimore. almost freezing in jarrettsville, 22 at oak lawn right now. is cold all across the state. with clear skies through the early evening, temperatures will quickly fall back into the early 20's tonight.
5:48 pm
we will get the friday morning rush-hour with cloudy skies, but a mixture of snow and sleet expected to get into baltimore after lunchtime tomorrow. sun said at 5:50. we are just about their right now with the north which is at about 5 miles an hour. the midwestern storm is part of the swirling area of cloudiness centered over oklahoma right now. the warm front and moisture to the south of it will spread over our region and move right into that cold air. chicago is going to get some snow out of this in the next few hours and it will gradually spread all across the ohio valley. advisories' already pushed out in parts of western maryland and west virginia. even the carolinas have the possibility of some icy weather and winter storm warnings in
5:49 pm
that area around st. louis. tomorrow, high temperatures below normal again. around 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon we start to pick up some snow and sleet. that means there'll be a few hours of that falling before the afternoon rush-hour gets going. on the bay, southeast winds at 5-10 not. waves about 1 foot. western maryland may have some freezing rain in the colder valleys out there. a rain-no mixture on saturday. on the eastern shore, a late afternoon mix of snow and sleet will change into rain tomorrow night and ended in rain on saturday. 42 markoff 48 on saturday. temperatures stay below normal until the war front comes through the area and that storm gets out of 3 -- gets out of here. the next four moves in with another wintry mix on tuesday.
5:50 pm
-- next door moves in. beginning next storm moves in. >> thousands of marylanders benefited from a mortgage sediment that exceeded $1.10 billion. the attorney general says thousands of families have been able to stay in their homes. the benefits included home mortgage modifications, principal reductions, refinancing, and short sale financial assistance. there were allegations that the nation's five largest mortgage servicers engaged in illegal signing of documents and other mortgage lending abuses. coming down to the wire, still no progress on a deal to avoid sequestration. already hundreds of thousands of people across america have received written notice of possible layoffs or forced furloughs.
5:51 pm
>> to know that some of those people are uncertain about where their job is going to be is very, very scary. scary for them and scary for us as well. >> so many people's lives are in the hands of 300 people they need to put their heads together and figure something out. >> the latest poll reveals 31% of americans would blame president obama of the deal is not reached by march 1. only 9% of blame congressional republicans. >> the new investigation found one-third of all seafood sold to the u.s. is mislabeled. the international ocean conservation group tested fish from close to 700 restaurants. our area has some of the worst offenders. 26% was mislabeled in washington d.c. it raises some obvious health concerns. >> some of the concerns have been with the health impact.
5:52 pm
we found high mercury fish walked out for low mercury in fish. >> sushi venues where the worst offenders when it comes to mislabeling seafood, followed by other restaurants and grocery stores. less than 1% of seafood is inspected by the government. >> a big unveiling today at a baltimore museum. officials with the u.s. postal service were on hand to celebrate black history month with a special stamp dedicated to civil rights pioneer rosa parks. others include the emancipation proclamation. the stamps will tell the story. also recognizing black history month today, amtrak is highlighting african-american contributions to the development of the railroads.
5:53 pm
have you ever heard of granville t. woods? he developed a system that control the flow of electricity in the 1800's. the program today includes guest speakers including an original member of the tuskegee airmen. we are just over an hour away from the next dep and anne arundel counties future after a long series of scandals. 16 candidates are applying begin applying for the county executive seat vacated by john leopold. >> one paintbrush at a time, how these kids are helping to brighten up downtown westminster.
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each mwc here symbolizes someone's in the bowl in real life -- each empty bowl. they will be donated to charity events. in years past, the campaign has raised up to $150,000 for area homeless shelters and started programs for homeless children. you can host your own bowl decorating party. a major fund-raiser will be held on saturday march 23 at the timonium fairgrounds. more details at our website comic-con -- at our
5:57 pm
website, >> on a bitter cold february morning, they are creating art on main street in westminster. murals on several downtown business windows that need a little touch up. the window art is new. about 30 children are at the location. is a community outreach project that happen over the president's day holiday. >> we want to do something that was related to why they were out of school. >> the kids work in groups, coming up with their own designs. >> that wanted to do rainbows
5:58 pm
and flowers. >> it was pretty neat to see that. >> i thought it was a great idea. a nice place to be. people downtown in westminster when it is cold, there is not as much put traffic. >> they came up with this idea for the chamber of commerce. >> it was like a carroll county idea for a job. >> the program was so successful and educational, they plan to do more committed to projects throughout the year. you can vote on the winning mural tonight until 8:00 tonight in downtown westminster. >> that is all for us at 5:00. here's a look of what is coming of new at 6:00. >> we are hearing from more victims tonight in the case of the hopkins gynecologist accused
5:59 pm
of taking inappropriate pictures and videos of his patient. i am lowell melser and i will have a live report. >> a caretaker accused of abusing an elderly man is going to jail. more on that story coming up next. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening, everyone. candidates hoping to become the next anne arundel county executive are making their case. >> the person chosen will fill the seat of john leopold, who resigned after being found guilty of misconduct in office. george lettis has more from where those interviews are expected to begin in about an hour. >> sources tell me the county council is leaning heavily in the direction of one candidate. i am not being told who that is. tonight's vote could be ack


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